Grinding of Stainless Steel Bearing Subassembly

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A company from the x-ray industry approached The Rayflex Company about the turning of a stainless steel bearing subassembly. The bearing assembly which is made of Kovar, stainless steel and 52100 steel has an outside diameter of .4375" to 1.25" and measured 3" long. The bearing underwent turning, O.D. grinding, drilling, tapping, thread grinding and then finally it was assembled to a specific torque rating. A tightest tolerance of ±.0001" was held throughout the production of the client's 1,000 piece blanket order. After a 100% dimensional inspection, the bearings were shipped to the customer's Nevada location.

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Grinding of Stainless Steel Bearing Subassembly Project Highlights:

Product Description   This sub assembly contained a 52100 bearing and was for use within an x-ray application.
Capabilities Applied/Processes  
O.D. Grinding
Thread Grinding
  • Assembled to Specific Torque Rating
Overall Stainless Steel Bearing Subassembly Dimensions   O.D.: Ø.4375" to Ø1.25"
Length: 3"
Tightest Tolerances   ±.0001"
Material Used   Steel, Kovar, Stainless Steel
In process testing/inspection performed   100% Dimensional Inspection
Industry for Use   X-Ray
Volume   1,000-Blanket Order
Turn Around Time   1 Week to Ship
Delivery Location   Nevada
Standards Met   Customer Supplied Print
Product Name   Stainless Steel Bearing Assembly

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